Our Brand

Like all parents, we wish only for the best for our kids. Being a young couple who got upgraded to parents just a year ago, we were once bombarded with unexpected situations – bringing us stress and confusion. Nevertheless, we got through all the obstacles together with our newborn son – Jevon. As he grows, we realized that some of the fabrics used in babywear weren’t that fantastic. We did our research and spoke with other parents to understand more about the different kinds of fabrics and decided that it would be best to create our own line of babywear that is safe for children all around.


LeBear is our labour of love - We created this brand out of the pure, unconditional love we have for our son. The designs are crafted with functionality in mind, and the materials used are of premium quality. All the prints are inspired by our son and the little things he adores.


We hope to introduce our babywear line to parents worldwide who share the same kind of love for their kids, go through obstacles to ensure that their kids are safe and sound, and wish for their kids to have the most amazing and comfortable childhood.


Lebear – where your smile begins